Instead of true friendships, we’re obsessed with endless personal promotion.

Look at what I accomplished.

See that perfect sunset and tiger backflipping behind me…just a normal day.

Look how much I love (______). 


If we’re not comfortable being alone, we’re only going to know how to be lonely.

Are you able to go into a busy restaurant for a candlelit dinner for one?

Can you enjoy a coffee and a date with your book without worrying what you look like?

Would you be caught dead in a movie theatre by yourself?

We claim to have hundreds of friends, but we maintain and kindle these friendships behind the glass shield of social media.

Thus, we find ourselves losing touch with the handful of real friends that are truly sustainable because we sacrifice them for the mass hysteria of a quirky post — instantaneous in nature but contrived and manipulated all too often.struggle So, what do you do? In the world of online media that constantly requires feeding and nurturing, we must pick our battles.

Case in point, take the concept of #100DaysOfHappiness.

The irony of this charade comes in 100 consecutive days of ramming mere things you convince yourself make you happy down the throats of this PR audience we find ourselves locked in and label “friends”, which results in 100 days of tedium for them.

Okay, it won’t be 100 days, somewhere in that three month period great moments will present themselves, but just let them sell themselves without forcing the issue.

Paying less attention to selfishly promoting your self image and more attention to those close to you will probably result in your own image promoting itself naturally and speaking genuinely.

The maximum natural size of a group of humans we can know intimately is about 150 people.

How many friends do you really have?

Go forth and try to find the beauty in every day for 100 years, and — just for fun– why not try keeping some of the amazing bits just for you and your significants because some of the best memories in life just aren’t done justice by a “like” or a “retweet”.


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